Since moving to this location, we have operated out of two structures. We are presently constructing an annex, which will join both buildings. We appreciate any donation to improve our edifice. It is expected to run us close to $200,000. The work has already begun.


This funding is available for those who need emergency assistance. To donate and help someone in need, you may do so below.


We need your support in this face paced high-tech world. It’s easy for God’s message to get drowned in the noise of the world. It is time to rise above the noise, using technology to keep its message front and center in the hearts and minds of people. Please help us raise $75,000 the cost of equipment needed for system upgrade and live streaming. With your generous contribution, we can reach the world.


To help students pay for their college education, this fund is granted to those in need. Our affiliate conference generally matches the amount that is given to our students. To help someone complete their educational goal, you may do so below.

[All donations are tax deductible.]